I Want To Write More

So here am, thinking, as I tend to do from time to time, that I want to write more. Once again the urge is upon me to produce, rather than to simply consume. I consume quite a bit of textual content from the web, mostly in article format, and every now and then the urge to create via writing comes to me. Looks like another of those times is here, and once again I’m stuck.

So I want to write. But what? That’s my problem. While I occasionally bang out a short piece of text to document my thoughts on a topic, none of that gives me the feeling of creating something. Sure, I feel like I’ve written something (because I, in fact, have) but it doesn’t scratch the itch to ‘write something’. So where does that leave me? I don’t know. This post is simply an attempt to try and shake some ideas loose and at the same time get at least some kind of writing done.

What I don’t want to create

  • Long form fiction. I don’t want to write a novel.

What might I like to create

  • Short stories. Really short that is, mainly because I don’t think I have the ideas or patience to do long form stories at the moment. Ficly might be a good way to get started, assuming I could manage to come up with any ideas. I seem to be pretty dry on those.
  • Short to medium length ‘articles’. Not sure what these would really be about though, or where I’d have an audience for them. Probably technology or rational thinking and things that are related to frugality and/or minimalism.
Craig Reynolds @wyldphyre