Progress? Not so much

So the plan was to try and write a bit more. It would be fair to say that I haven’t really made any progress on that at the moment, but it’s only been a few days, and two of those I didn’t have a web connection that was any good, so I can give myself a little leeway, yes?

No, I guess not. I’ve even got a couple of articles related to writing queued up waiting to be read. I really must try and get to them before too long.

On a side note, MarsEdit is a nifty app for writing blog posts in. It kind of feels like it doesn’t do much, but whenever I stop and think about what it provides, and the fact that it makes it easy to deal with drafts and post etc locally, and that it would make dealing with multiple blogs and multiple blog hosts fairly easy (thought I don’t make use of that feature, yet), I find myself realising that it’s really the mark of a well written piece of software that it seems like there isn’t much to it, but that it makes things so much easier than they might otherwise be. I may even have to get myself a license once I’m done with the trial period.

Craig Reynolds @wyldphyre