Starting A Blog

Why Blog?

So, once again, I’m going to try and give this blogging thing a go. Not so much because I want to publish content on a regular basis, but because I’ve got a number of text scraps floating that I’d like to flesh out at some point, and this might give me the impetus to do so. The text scraps in question are mostly just my thoughts on things as I’ve read about them, or had them pop into my head and they all need expanding and cleaning up. It should be good for me if for no one else.

The Goal

My aim is to try and finish and post at least six of the various thoughts I’ve got floating around in limbo. Some of these are years old, so it will be good to try and finalise them. To that end I want to:

  • Schedule at least a little time each week to work on the writing of the posts
  • Post an item roughly every two months (but quicker is fine)

With that said, the first thing I need to do is gather together all the pieces that I think I’d like to work on, and determine what I’m trying to say with each one. Once that is done I should be able to start making some progress on actually developing each into a finished post.

Craig Reynolds @wyldphyre