A long overdue update

Today I decided that it was time to do something with my blog, even though I haven’t posted on it in at least two years.

I’ve moved the blog over to blot.im, with the plan being that even though it will cost a few dollars a month, it will be cheaper per year than maintaining a web hosting plan just for a site/blog that I rarely use. It also comes with the benefit that I can use Git to manage the blog, which should make posting from my iPad more feasible, should I decide to do so.

Additionally, I can host multiple blogs, so I could probably move my (also rarely used) dev blog over from Github and Jekyll. That one I can already manage with Github, but its not pretty and I have no desire to try and make it pretty. I’ll probably move it over the next time I decide to try and do something with it. It will be a bit more additional cost, but it’s not much, especially if I start using it more regularly.

Craig Reynolds @wyldphyre