Some progress on my code project

Today is the last day of a long weekend (for Australia Day), and I made some good progress on my GoodReads statistics app this weekend. I didn’t do anything last weekend as I was dealing with a cold and just didn’t feel good.

I’ve essentially got the basic UI and statistics working at this point, in a Windows desktop app using WPF. I eventually want to produce a cross-platform desktop app and/or a mobile app, but this was a good starting point as it let me leverage what I’ve been learning at work.

This is what the app currently looks like.

App preview

It’s quite basic looking, but given the nature of the app it’s never going to need to be complicated. I need to do some cosmetic improvements, but it’s functional. The only thing really missing from the basic functionality currently is the ability to persist challenge data and the ability to have data for more than the current year.

I’m not sure how complete I’m going to get this WPF prototype before I start looking into cross platform variations, but I think I’ll at least try to persist data as I have some thoughts around how I want to do that and it’s work that should be largely reusable when I start looking into rebuilding the app.

Craig Reynolds @wyldphyre